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Welcome to Arya Kurdish Horse Stud's Website

We'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you and introduce you to the Kurdish Horse with a known history stretching back thousands of years, it is one of the oldest pure breeds of horse in existence today. It provides a unique combination of strength and endurance giving owner's and riders the opportunity to experience and enjoy a truly magnificent animal, adaptable to a wide range of disciplines from Dressage to Endurance and Eventing.

The stud was established after a program of DNA Testing and Micro-Chipping of Kurdish Horses in the Kermanshah Province was conducted jointly by Australian Agricultural Resources Group Pty Ltd, the Government of the Province of Kermanshah and Iran Veterinary Generals Office for the Province of Kermanshah. Samples once collected were forwarded to the Australian Stud Book for testing and analysis by the Australian Equine Genetics Research Centre. The ultimate objective of the program was primarily to maintain the breed but also establish a viable sustainable industry, both domestically and internationally for Kurdish Horse owner's in the Province of Kermanshah and throughout Iran.

Mission Statement

The operating environment for the horse industry today is a complex one, balancing economics, environmental issues and social challenges. The role of any  horse breeding establishment in addressing these issues will be critical to the successful continuation of the Kurdish Horse for future generations to enjoy. Arya Kurdish Horse Stud's long-term plan establishes a strategic direction to enable it to maximize its contribution to the horse industry and the people of Iran.

Our mission is to:

  • maintain the purity of the Kurdish Horse as a internationally recognized pure breed of horse
  • continue to maintain the DNA testing and Micro-chipping of all of our horses
  • produce quality horses noted for their size, temperament and endurance
  • promote the benefits at every opportunity of the Kurdish Horse it's place in history and the impact it has had on the developing world

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